Our most popular service is rental management, we save owners time and worry by managing their properties for them.

We aim to establish an excellent owner-tenant relationship, by taking care of all the following details:

  • Tenant check in and check out
  • Organization of cleaning schedules
  • Taking care of any possible maintenance and repair incidents in the flat
  • Overseeing the relationship between tenants and their neighbors
  • Rent payment control
  • Solvency checks on future tenants
  • Giving legal and tax advice


Our professional and legal teams specialize in property management. We can offer you the following property management services:


  • Invoicing and reception of monthly community costs.
  • Meticulous control of monthly payments.
  • Invoicing monthly expenses.
  • Preparation of tax returns and yearly expense budgets.



  • Organize and oversee community meetings, preparation of the minutes.
  • Settle claims and incidents with insurance companies.
  • Intermediate with official and governmental agencies.


Property maintenance:

  • Provide efficient and reliable architects, plumbers, carpenters, painters, cleaning services...
  • Provide regular and extraordinary repair services and follow ups.
  • Advice for the I.T.E., both for its fulfillment and for its realization.



Provide advice and help with legal claims for bad debts and generally provide all types of services that could affect the local proprietor’s building association (renovations carried out without building licenses, suing builders for shoddy workmanship...)



  • Preparing payrolls, social security and employee taxes.
  • Legal, personnel and tax advice.
  • Staff selection.